Meredith Goldstein

You should not be dating a truck driver. You should also avoid dating a pilot or a traveling professional athlete. You like your partners to be around. Now you know that about yourself,” Meredith Goldstein advises a forlorn lover. She is a “Dear Abby” for the millennial age, and her advice column “Love Letters” appears on daily, earning about one million page views a month. In fact, love makes its way into much of Goldstein’s work. Her time as a student at Syracuse University (where she served as editor of The Daily Orange) inspired her to set her romantically charged first novel The Singles: a Novel in the ‘cuse. Published in 2012, the novel’s events are inspired by the real-life wedding of Goldstein’s friend from SU.

“Goldstein is particularly strong in capturing the enduring pull of the college experience, and the wistfulness that takes its place in the years that follow,” writes Rennie Dyball in a review of the novel for The Boston Globe. Dyball continues, “Like Goldstein’s character Hannah, who cannot help but ‘cast’ famous actors to play her friends and people she meets in imaginary movies, readers will clearly do the same with The Singles. But it only adds to the fun.” This is fitting, as The Singles has been optioned for a movie adaptation. Stay tuned to see when the lovebirds of Syracuse will take the big screen.  

Here is a passage from The Singles:

“It was just a few days later that Hannah had her first real conversation with Tom. They were all at some forgettable house party, a bunch of acquaintances all connected by the band Ostrom and Madison, named for the off-campus intersection where Rob had been cited by a police officer for public urination in his freshman year. The classic rock-inspired group featured Rob on guitar, Vicki’s then-boyfriend Rich on drums, Matt Dorfman on bass, and a musical theater major named Jared Novak doing lead vocals. No one ever called Jared Novak by just his first name. He was always Jared Novak, said quickly as if it was one word.”

— Maggie Gilroy