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Know Theatre

A black-box filled with f-bombs.

Words by Maggie Gilroy | Artwork by Kelly O'Neill

“When you walk into Know Theatre you know, no pun intended, that you’re gonna hear a bunch of f-bombs,” Kocher says. Kocher says that Know’s programming is edgier and more mature than Binghamton’s other theater companies, some of which have no-cursing policies. In 1993, Know Theatre began presenting non-mainstream plays in churches and halls throughout Binghamton; however, after gaining nonprofit status in 2006, Know’s staff rented out a firehouse and then converted it into a black-box theatre (a small theatre without a curtain that literally resembles a black box), which seats between 76-and-86 audience members. Led by Artistic Director Tim Gleason, the theater presents non-mainstream, cutting-edge plays, while also featuring work by local playwrights. Notable productions include Bent, a drama about homosexual prisoners of the Holocaust, and Glengarry Glen Ross. “Pretty much every other word is the F-bomb,” Kocher says of the David Mamet play about salty-tongued realtors.

Behind the Curtain:

  • Address: 74 Carroll St. Binghamton, N.Y. 13901
  • Student tickets: $15
  • Mainstage Season: Year-round
  • Distance from Syracuse University: 73.8 miles; 1 hour 10 minutes by car

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