24 Hours at the Westcott

From hippies to ravers: two nights, two shows, two packed crowds filling the university neighborhood’s go-to live music venue

Words and Images by Sam Henken

Night Two. The doors opened for Anders Osborne – a blues/rock guitarist and singer – at 7 and the opener came on at 8. A much older, more subdued crowd even sat at makeshift tables dotted around the back of the floor section and a huge segment of the population surrounded the bar to casually sip on whatever their drink of choice. A retired hippy set up a booth to encourage concert goers to stay sober, that ironically occupies one of the venue’s several bars. By Osborne’s set people line the barrier that separates the crowd from the stage three deep. Osborne’s brand of southern-inspired guitar heavy music elicits vigorous head nods from the crowd.